Cultural Erasure

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Revista Europea de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe 79, octubre de 2005 | 125 Identity and Erasure: Finding the Elusive Caribbean Anton Allahar – Caribbean Autobiography: cultural identity and self-representation, by Sandra Pouchet Paquet. Madison, WI: The University of Wisconsin Press, 2002. – Decolonising the Caribbean: Dutch policies in a comparative perspective, by Gert Oostindie and Inge Klinkers. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2003. – Ah Come Back Home: Perspectives on the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, edited by Ian I. Smart, and Kimani S. K. Nehusi. Washington: Original World Press, 2000. The Caribbean can be many things to many people: a geographic region somewhere in America’s backyard, an…show more content…
Thus, in describing the trade in African slaves and the institution of New World slavery as ‘the largest crime in human history,’ Nehusi speaks of the Maafa, or the African Holocaust, as a terror that has been hushed up: ‘one part of that crime has been the attempt to forget, to pretend that it did not happen and to present a history ethnically cleansed of all traces of this genocide ...’ (Nehusi 2000, 8). Very much in line with the thinking of Smart and Nehusi, Paquet views slavery as a crime and speaks of the ‘depravity of the slave owner’ (p. 42) as she applauds the efforts of Mary Prince to expose the horrors of the system: ‘Prince lays bare for public scrutiny the criminality of slave owners and the legal system that endorses their conduct’ (Paquet 2002, 41). In developing his argument Nehusi hints at a conspiracy or historical hoax which witnessed the abandonment of black Trinidadians and their treatment as ‘non-persons by a continuing Eurocentric system which refuses to recognize them Revista Europea de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe 79, octubre de 2005 | 127 and their traditions as valid and refuses to recognize the history of struggle, mainly by Afrikan people.’ (Nehusi 2000a, 11). To this Ian Smart adds that ‘Africans all over the globe who have been subjected to white supremacy
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