Cultural Expectations Vs. Reality

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My life’s story is that of an immigrant who moved to the USA at a very small age and has fully assimilated with modern US society and is now a citizen of this beautiful country. In this paper, I will present my experience travelling back to my home country of Albania after many years and describe the differences in my social/cultural expectations versus the reality that is evident in most Balkan nations and several European countries. After presenting my story, I will attempt to analyze through my lens and with referring to sociological concepts/theories, my experiences that resulted in a “cultural shock”. When I moved to the USA, my family and I lived in Atlanta, Georgia for many years. There, the local community welcome us with open arms – I had never been discriminated against. Until recently, the community’s acceptance was something that I took for granted and had become a part of who I am – embracing differences is a something that I strongly value. After many years, I decided to pay a visit to my family in Albania. Leaving my country at such an early age I was not able to fully embrace the local culture/mentality and it was something that I thought would be challenging for me when I visit. Upon visiting, what I had “feared” – the exclusion – was something real, and although I thought that it would be something I can withstand, it became unbearable to always be judged. It was then when I realized that this culture does not embrace differentiation the same way the US
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