Cultural Experience In Laredo

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Cultural Experience Two
My second cultural experience I contemplated numerous topics; nevertheless, it seems as though opportunities for cultural experiences keep presenting themselves to me. My brother, Raymond bought four tickets for the Bone, Thugs and Harmony rap concert. Now, I have had the pleasure of watching their rap concert in San Francisco, yet I was extremely hesitant to attend a rap concert in Laredo, Texas.
First of all, I had a terrible experience during an Akon concert at the Laredo Entertainment Arena, when Akon called on all the people to come closer to the stage. I was practically trampled by people rushing down towards the stage, and then there was the fight between two teenage boys who initiated in throwing beer bottles. My brother insisted that I would have a wonderful
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Never judge a book by their cover; in other words, I had a preconception, a biased thought that Latinos would start fighting. Everyone was in synchronization, and it was an extremely pleasant time, and one of the greatest experiences I have ever experienced in Laredo. I learned that Latinos and African American can interact beautifully, and it was a marvelous feeling. The greatest imperative impression that I took home was that the group talking about Black Lives Matter and our political turmoil in the United States. I aspire to become categorically involved in social injustice matters, which I believe strongly in. No life can matter until Black Lives Matter! I am a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and I give donations periodically, yet this is not enough. This experience assisted me by educating me on how strongly I want to change the racial disproportion in this country. When I graduate and move, I look forward to working in a place that I can generate a difference assisting others, and working to improve multicultural
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