Cultural Exploration Of A Sightseeing Tour

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In this quote, what Elliot is describing is more than simply embarking on a sightseeing tour; it signifies how we are affected by expanding our knowledge of various cultures. By learning more about cultures, we learn new ways to see and interpret the world around us; even familiar situations can take on new meaning when our knowledge of different cultures has been expanded. The more we explore and seek to understand the perspectives of others, the more we can understand instances or scenarios that we could not understand initially. We can observe and interpret the world with fresh eyes, armed with new understandings and insight. For me, this quote epitomizes the value of exploring and learning about different cultures, as each new culture I encounter teaches me to truly appreciate diversity. In this course, I had the opportunity to partake in a cultural exploration from the comfort of my home, and gain new perspectives from various readings, discussions, films. In addition, the course also encouraged me to step outside my “cultural comfort zone” through different exploratory projects.
It would be difficult to explore the ever-expanding multitude of cultures that exist (and will exist) in one, six-week course; however, many of the assigned readings and films provided a solid foundation to begin my exploration. When reading Takaki’s A Different Mirror, I was able to access brief, but informative, insights into the foundation and development of America’s multiculturalism (and
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