Cultural Factors

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The historical, Political, and Cultural factors that influenced the U.S.

One of many historical factors influenced the United States, but I will be focusing on one main factor which happens to be slavery and indentured servitude. Slavery converted America into a profitable influence. Imprisoned males, females, and kids worked to create billions for their owners and deceptively this practice has persisted to contemporary time, which describe the quote “immense amount of capital which is invested in slave property is owned by widows and orphans, by the aged and infirm, as well as the sound and vigorous” (Henretta, Hinderaker, Edwards, and Self 348). Regardless of the failure of the leaders which this state was allegedly constructed, and the thorough absence of a slave practice in England. This poisonous and cruel reliance has had much in mutuality with the moralities of the inborn people, rights of women, and the Apartheid crusade in South Africa, because slavery is a defiant act and a battering alongside all
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As America became established, the development of intimate parts of a companionship was sustained by their personal agricultural labors. Now further and further into present day mother and father roles are becoming separated within the family. “The thought that biologically, men and women were created different and are not equally privileged” (White, Klein, 2002, p. 187) creates segregation within marriage, and eventually will take away its sole meaning. Fathers work outside of the home and women were limited inside the home to be responsible for supervision of the children and do the household work. Traditionally, matrimony in American culture have noticeably distinct male and female positions. These old-fashioned duties came with the settlers as they started their lives in the New
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