Cultural Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior

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There are four main factors that influence the consumer’s behavior; cultural, social, personal, and physiological. These factors determine what the consumer will buy, why they buy an item, and if they will be a return customer. Culture is a very complex factor that plays a vital role in a customer’s behavior. Culture can be broken down into sub factors such as culture, sub-culture, and social class. Culture impacts every part of our behavior, not specifically our buying trends. There are habits that are acquire as humans and everyday members of society. Sub-culture influences tend to be a little more powerful because it is narrowed down to our nation, religion, races, and many more factors. The most powerful sub-factor in culture is your social class. Social class does not always mean, “income.” Social class indicates more of your surroundings such as educational backgrounds, your living environment, as well as your economic state. From Torrid’s marketing standpoint, they are targeting the entire nation with these larger clothes, as they see this being an epidemic amongst the United States. Taking a closer look at our social class, we can see all of the social factors that are involved in the purchasing of consumer goods. Factors such as relationships, personal roles, and economic stability. Relational influences often tend to be one of the largest factors in looking at a product. Normally, a family member, friend, or coworker might convey their approval for a product, in
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