Cultural Fiction : Middle Adulthood Essay

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Cultural fiction Cultural fiction posits that ideas about middle adulthood are created by cultures. Different cultures have varying views in the ways they recognize and understand middle adulthood (Hutchison, 2015). In the United States, middle adulthood is often viewed through 2 cultural lenses. The first sees mid-life as a positive time in which an individual has accrued resources and coping mechanisms. The second view of middle adulthood is a negative “over-the-hill” perspective, in which this stage is viewed as a time of loss and decline (Hutchison, 2015). These differing views of losses and gains in middle adulthood can be seen in the dynamic between Harvey Milk, and his adversary (and murderer) Dan White. Harvey, throughout the film, accumulates as many resources as he can and makes strides in his cause to gain justice for the gay community. Middle-adulthood, for Milk, was truly the prime of his life. His political opponent, Dan White, however, experienced a series of losses, including his job and his political influence, which led him to become depressed and volcanically angry. White’s view of this time in his life was likely far more negative than Harvey’s.
Immature mechanisms vs. mature mechanisms Immature mechanisms and mature mechanism describe the ways in which people cope with life’s demands. Immature mechanisms include denial, projection, passive-aggression, dissociation, acting out and fantasy. Mature mechanisms include sublimation, altruism and humor
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