Cultural Globalization: The Emergence of the Americanized World

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Kofi Annan once said, “Arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity”. Globalization is an inevitable phenomenon in human history that brings about greater interconnectivity and integration of people worldwide. Over the past few decades, the pace of global integration has accelerated quickly and dramatically due to unprecedented advancements in technology, communications, science, transport and industry (The World Bank, 2013). Globalization affects economical, cultural, technological, political and social aspects of a country. In this essay, we’ll be talking about cultural globalization and its effects solely. Cultural globalization is the rapid movement of ideas, attitudes, values across national borders and…show more content…
Mcdonaldization is one aspect of Americanization and it is widespread throughout the world. Firstly, food itself is an aspect of culture. And secondly, the system of Mcdonaldization and the presence of fast food chains can influence the habits and way of lives of the locals. For example, the French are proud of having localized cuisine, which reflects their unique culture, however, many critics argued that fast food chains are quickly crowding out local food products as people live a more fast paced life and prefer fast food. America is the biggest producer of popular culture goods. (Levin Institute, 2014), and people especially teenagers are increasingly influenced by pop culture. Pop culture is manifested around the world through movies, music, television shows, fast food, fashion and other entertainment and consumer goods. Therefore, a nation’s cultural identity can be threatened and diminish over time as people become influenced by western culture.

Cultural globalization also leads to the clash of cultures. Cultural globalization serves as a catalyst, facilitating consumerism and dissolving cultural differences resulting in homogenization of cultures. With growing American influence, cultural imperialism is imminent and this spells the doom of weak indigenous cultures. In many countries, national traditions are threatened and on the verge of diminishing,
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