Cultural Globalization : The Ideas And Effects Of Cultural Globalization

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Cultural globalization is a phenomenon referring to the rapid movement of ideas, attitude, festivals, values and cultural products across national borders. Specifically now in the twenty first century, where the rapidity at which Cultural globalization is increasing is really high. Now days people are really free with each other and how we can get whatever we want anywhere on the planet. This motivates small, indigenous groups, and brings them out in the world, mixes them with the world and makes mother earth a global village. This brings all of us together. This has helped the world by, accepting people the way they are and by not to differentiate others by many factors which deface humanity. Cultural globalization has helped humans live as one even though we are so diverse cultured. People, cultures, groups, countries have opened to the world because of this, the world gets to know about others and they also have a sense of belonging. Small factors like having a multinational corporation store, tourism, internet in a country help us the most to globalize.
All things have two poles, just like that globalization has a disadvantage which nobody thinks or talks about. Globalization has also given us a problem which is the loss of their history, tradition, culture; small factors which help us build the foundation of the country. When a country globalizes they do lose a part of their tradition as another tradition becomes a part of their tradition.

Globalization has
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