Cultural Health Brokers Within The Community

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Program Effectiveness
Many studies have shown that using cultural health brokers within the community can improve diabetes self-management and reduce adverse health outcomes from diabetes. The pilot program studied in this article had the goal of improving access to health information and diabetes self-management skills. The Health Talkers went into their various community organizations such as churches, senior centers, youth camps, and workplaces. Many even spoke with family and friends. The program, not only provided educators within the community to increase understanding about diabetes management and care, it also provided a resource library within the community. The resource library contained further information on health care providers, diabetes self-management tips, recipe cards, cookbooks, and many other relevant healthy living resources (Cadzow, 2014).
The study was piloted by the Erie Niagara Area Health Education Center (ENAHEC). The ENAHEC contracted with the Primary Care Research Institute (PCRI) to conduct a program evaluation of the pilot program. The PCRI staff received approval to analyze and publish the evaluation data from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo Social and Behavioral Sciences institutional review board (Cadzow, 2014).
Strengths of the Program
The Health Talker program was effective in engaging community members as seen by the large number of conversation participants over the course of the study. The conversations…
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