Cultural Heritage Assessment in health and Illness Essay

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Running head: CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN HEALTH AND ILLNESS Cultural Heritage Assessment in health and Illness Grand Canyon University: The United States has always been an open country with its kindness in welcoming people of other nations into it. The population of the United States is growing notably because of the migration from the rest of the world. This writer lives in Richmond, a city in the state of Virginia, a multicultural city that is heavily populated. The presence of such a population density increases the awareness of health care professionals in their ability to be receptive to other cultures. Heritage or culture is the nonphysical, inherited traits we…show more content…
The doctors that practice this try to find the underlying cause of the illness, which may not always be found within the body. Thus it is believed that the underlying cause must be dealt with in order to permanently cure the illness. Avoiding certain kinds of foods and fasting regularly are necessary measures in preventing illness. Massaging with oil in combination with hot or cold fomentation is an important method of treatment for acute or chronic pain. Other two different modalities of treatments are Homeopathy and Acupuncture. Breaking these traditions is considered to be highly disrespectful in this culture. These methods of treatments are probably the reason why Asian Americans a healthier population in comparison with other ethnic groups in America (Edelman & Mandel, 2006). The writer chose to assess Hispanic Americans as the second ethnic group. This is a rapidly growing community in America because of their increased immigration rate and population growth. The major obstacle for this community is getting familiarized with an entirely new and different language (Gracias 2001). The family which writer interviewed was from Puerto Rico and had settled in the United States more than 40 years ago. The two major concerns of this community are their family and religion while health promotion and prevention are not given much attention. They believe that sickness is a punishment of God

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