Cultural Home Visit

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This week at intern I went to two home visits. When we left the social worker informed me that the patient lived very poor and their has was a shack. I just thought she was exaggerating when she said a shack. We pulled up to the house and to my surprise it really was a shack. Their was different types of material used to hold up the small shack. This was a big cultural shook to me. When we went in the patients son was telling us how she was us the other night trying to kill this big rat that came into the house. He told us that the door shut all the way and that they even had a snake come in last week! The son said that he heard his mom screaming for him to kill it and he pulled the stick he killed the snake with to show me and the social worker. The social worker…show more content…
I turned around and sure enough their was a gun! I was a little uncomfortable when I seen the gun, but these people were super sweet. When I left I told the social worker that this home visit really reminded me of the Appalachian class I took last year. She told me that was great that I noticed that because this was an Appalachian cultural home. After that home visit we went to another visit but it was in a nursing home. She told me this patient had Alzheimer's and he was very touchy. When we got there he was very sweet and he remember the social worker for past visit. The social worker said this was the first time he ever remembered her and that this was the most lucid she had every seen him. He was remembering his son and the he talked me about how he was a veteran and how he got the key to the city. He was very touchy trying to give me hugs or kisses on the check but it wasn’t anything that made me uncomfortable. I really enjoying getting this experience as an intern. I like how it is exactly how the teacher say every day is different and everyone we visit is
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