Cultural Identities : Gender, Race, And Media

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Chandrakala Sunwar ID: 1303082 1 ECTS5001 Cultural Identities: Gender, Race & Media Chandrakala Sunwar, FSH (1303082) Framing images of feminity Chandrakala Sunwar ID: 1303082 2 Women both on and off screen have been portrayed in a manner that represent some feminist preference. Specifically, the feminist ideology is reproduced and represented in the manner in which female are dressed both on screen and off-screen. In a review of past period of time, women roles were only to do with household chores and they dressed in a manner that showed what could be expressed as an ideal woman. However, the view point toward women has largely changed from the view of an ideal woman to the view of a modest woman with the increase in ideological theory of social equality and gender empowerment. The view of a modest woman has been largely increased by the help of media on the feminist ideologies as well as the manner in which media presents women on screen. For instance, media presents women dressed in a manner that shows some sexual appeals in which the dress shows some modest body structure and exposes some body parts of women. The above paragraph tells us the fact that women both on screen and off-screen have been over-identified with their image. The purpose of this essay is going to critically evaluate the different ways in which dress in visual cultural contributes to the formation of feminine gender roles in the society.
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