Cultural Identity And Autonomous Regions Within The European Union

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Region Report 3

There are many important issues that face Europe and the European Union as a whole today. One of these exactly important issues is the topic of cultural identity and autonomous regions within the European Union. This includes states such as Catalonia, Basque Country, Northern Ireland and more. The long and complex history of Europe has led to hundreds if not thousands of areas within the region that have a separate and distinct identity and culture. These areas have independent cultures and histories that define them outside of the national identity. Historically, Catalonia and Northern Ireland have had many different views from their parent nations and it has led to conflict in the past and will lead to conflict in the
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This means areas like Northern Ireland, and Wales will receive individual sponsorship for development such as €2.6 billion for Cornwall, West Wales, Isles of Scilly, and the Valleys. These investments have many practical results, are good for the regions, and perhaps most importantly they help reduce the unrest within that specific region by creating jobs and a flourishing market. With the increased job market and projects in the region people are earning more money and enjoying a higher quality of life which leads to a more cohesive area. This idea of European Union cohesion policy is important for dealing with areas that are becoming increasingly unstable within countries especially with respect to the European Union’s commitment to preserving regional and cultural identity. This is especially important in countries with financial instability and inequality. Spain is an excellent example, because due to a job shortage and weak economy there is high unemployment, nearly 20% in 2016, and very high public debt. The high unemployment and a high number of people below the poverty line leads to wealthier and distinct areas becoming unhappy and stating that the government is taking a disproportionate amount of their money.
Catalonia is a region in northeast Spain that is a prime example due the autonomous operation and self-governance that has led to what many believe is a completely separate and wealthier region
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