Cultural Identity And Identity

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Cultural Identity Essay

Cultural identity is the basis in which identification is used to express different aspects pertaining to identity and heritage. A person's cultural identity may be created by social organization, as well as traditions and customs within their lives. The two aspects that construct my cultural identity are the frequent chores I must complete every day in order to fulfill my behavioral expectations, and the youth group I attend weekly. These aspects are important to my family and me. Therefore, my identity has an immeasurable effect on my upbringing into this multi-cultural world I live in.
Day in and day out, I have jobs and duties I must complete in order to maintain my behavioral expectations. After my lengthy day at school, and my tiresome soccer practice, I come home to find a bright colored sticky note, with a list of varied chores I must do in order to assist my family. The list of chores always includes, cleaning my room, which my Mom is a stickler for. Cleaning my room is a backbreaking, difficult task I must complete in order to continue to play sports and do the outdoor activities I love. Although cleaning my room is a challenging task, due to the scattered books, pile of clothes, and water bottles covering the floor, cleaning my room will establish organizational skills and persevering skills that are vital in the upbringing of my cultural identity. Even though cleaning my room is labeled on a sticky note every day, doing the dishes is
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