Cultural Identity Essay

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What is one without a cultural Identity? This is not possible, everyone of us has a cultural identity, they’ve just never realized it yet. People go on through their daily lives with little regard to who they are. Everyone of us has a cultural identity, but we are all very different. As for me, what am I? I know I am half-Japanese and half-Caucasian,which makes me a hapa, but deeper than that, what am I more than just my race? One of the most important elements to define your cultural Identity is to know who raised you. Whether it is your blood-parents or maybe a guardian. They’ve raised you to become the person you are today. All the things they do for celebrations, traditions, religion, etc as they raised you has become ingrained into your cultural identity. You may notice you do things differently from other people and that is because it is the way your family does things. I was born to a Japanese mother, and Caucasian (Irish, German, and Lithuanian) father and was also raised by them. My mother being full Japanese, all the things we do for celebrations, traditions, etc is directly influenced from Japanese culture. I even talk fluent Japanese and that is the main way I speak to my mom. She raised me for all my life, and made me who I am. My father was in the Navy so for the most of my life, I was missing a father figure until he retired in 2013. We aren’t a strict religious household so there is really no religion I follow. One of the leading factors to find out who you
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