Cultural Identity

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Culture is a term that is used heavily in conversation, yet little do people know what culture really is. It may be difficult to talk about culture and to define it, but it is even harder for people to understand how culture has shaped their lives. It is also hard for them to be able to breakdown and analyze their own culture. For some reason, it is challenging for us as people to be able to see the way that society and relationships have affected the way that they view people and situations. Being able to view our culture from an outside perspective is a difficult task which gets more confusing when you try to identify markers that shaped who you are as a person. If I answered the question “what is your identity?” while…show more content…
I have never experienced discrimination myself, but I do think that there are ways that others see us, as a whole, that are not always true. White people are seen as being discriminative, rich, and privileged, rather than being equal to those around us. I feel as though people of minority are open to a wider variety of scholarships, versus those of the majority. Do not get me wrong, I do understand that there are things that the majority are offered, that the minorities are not. I feel as though if I was to put myself into the shoes of a minority race, I would be able to better identify and understand the racism problem in the United States. After the discussions that we have had in class, I realize that the idea or need to feel “whiter” is a big problem for those that are of the minority race. People, no matter what race they identify as, have pressure to be lighter or darker. I personally feel like I need to tan to become a darker skin tone for the simple fact that being too pale is seen as being sickly. Although I feel like I may have been a bit biased or unaware of the racial discrimination of all races, I feel like I am very perceptive when it comes to sexual orientation. I identify to be heterosexual which means that I am attracted to the opposite sex. I currently am in a four and a half year relationship with a man that I use to know little about. In high school, we would walk to each other’s classes and kiss
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