Cultural Ideologies Through The Media

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Media keepers are very strategic in the ways in which they aid in the projection of certain cultural ideologies through the media. It can be agreed that women have yet to experience full equality in comparison to their male counterparts. Cultural values and beliefs have projected the idea that men, in supposed fact, are superior to women. It is no wonder that cultures around the world place emphasis on the life of man. This infatuation with the male capability is responsible for the amount of power placed into the hands of men. In the hands of men, are every aspect of society and lifestyle, including media. On camera, women, as well as objects are sexualized to appeal to the eye of the heterosexual male. This method of filming is referred…show more content…
In the book there is a picture of a nude painter and we come to look at the context of which the painting was made. Berger argues that the women at the time of the nude painting were only there to please the men who viewed and painted her. Berger states “Nakedness, is a sign of her submission to the owner’s feelings or demands” (p.52). The woman was in a society that was dominated by men and that allowed them to take advantage one would say, and make women do what pleased not only them but men in a general scope. The male gaze can be found in many films distributed for mass consumption. In one of my favorite films, 2005’s Roll Bounce, the male gaze is very evident. The film highlights the moments of main character Xavier along with his friends as they enjoy skating at their not-so-local skating rink. Early in the film, the group clowns on Xavier for his past love interest in a girl named Naomi. From their conversation, it can be gathered that she may not have been the most attractive of women because she was said to have the “mouth of a duck” due to the fact of her having braces. Later in the film, they make a trip to a skating rink on the other side of town for the very first time. Upon arrival, they admire the ambiance of this foreign skating rink and in their view is a beautiful young woman bent over at the drinking fountain. One of
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