Cultural Immersion Activity

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The first cultural immersion activity that I participated in was going to St. Charles Catholic Church on Ash Wednesday (March 5, 2014). I had a friend who was catholic attend the church with me so I would have a better understanding of what to do and not stand out so much. In addition, I asked my friend to attend with me so I would not do anything in church that was disrespectful. Before going to the church, I thought that I would have to dress up in dress clothes but my friend told me that it is not necessary to dress up for a catholic church, which surprised me. When we first got there, my friend used the holy water and kneeled before entering the pew. I did not do these things because I felt like I would mess up and it would be…show more content…
In addition, it is important as a future teacher to be open to as many things as possible even if that means attending a church of a different religion from you. The second cultural immersion activity that I participated in was the First Nations Educational Cultural Center for a Craft Night and Potluck on March 27, 2014. Going in to this activity, I thought it would be a large group of people making things on their own with no assistance just sitting at large tables making chokers. However, after arriving I realized how wrong that assumption was and was able to see how inviting this group of people are. At this event, we had the opportunity to create either beaded chokers or bracelets. I chose to make a bracelet. I went to this event with two other girls from our class and later two more girls met us there. The first thing I noticed when we entered was how nice the people were. The first two people that we met were interested in getting to know whom we were and what made us want to come to the craft night. One of them asked “Do any of you have native American ancestors?” when we told them no they were interested and seemed happy that we chose to come there even though we were not native American. It was also interesting to see the age differences of the group there were school-aged children there as well as elderly people. This to me showed how much their culture meant to them.
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