Cultural Impact Of Trekking Developing Country

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Cultural Impact of Trekking In Developing Country

The growth of tourism industry in the developing countries is seen through economic lens. As the number of tourist arrival increases in a developing countries it helps in generation of income and also provides employment opportunities to the local communities of the particular tourist destination region. Tourism industry is expeditiously growing industry. According to UNWTO (2014) report, the growth of international tourist by mid 2014 was 4.6% and the destination worldwide received around 517 million tourists between January and June 2014. The increase in tourist activity at any destination helps in the development of the region when such development is unplanned then this might have an adverse affect to the region in the long run. The trend of travelling to a destination where a tourist can experience natural beauties, cultural heritage, beaches, mountains, and wildlife adventures is increasing. But the impact of increase visitation to a place and its host community should not be ignored. This can cause overexploitation of environmental and social carrying capacity. The effect of excess usage can be seen in long run, where the social cost of unplanned tourism development in a destination can have negative impact on the social, economic and environment of the touristic place. In order to sustain the resources for the future benefits the government and the local community of the destination should focus on the…
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