Cultural Impact of Hinduism in India Essay

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Cultural Impact of Hinduism in India

Huge population, pollution, peace, snakes, saris, dance, curry, and religion are probably the most popular words that come up when we think about India. India is a well-known country. Although it is a relatively poor country, it has a rich and diverse culture. India is populated by approximately 953 million people. It has been a home for many religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Islam and Christianity. The first four mentioned above originated in India (Finegan 151). Seventy percent of the populations are Hindus. In fact, Hinduism is the oldest and third largest religion in the world. Hinduism has deeply influenced Indian society, for several reasons: it has a long history in
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Hindus believe that one's kharma can determine how one's next life will be. Kharma literally means labor. It means the sum of what one does in life, both the good deeds and bad deeds.

Hinduism has been in India forever. Nobody knows exactly how this religion started. P.N. Chopra notes in his Religions and Communities of India that India is a hallowed and sacred land for Hindus (17). It has been in India for thousands of years. It started somewhere between 4000 and 2200 BCE, in the civilization of the Indus Valley. In one of the places where the civilization of the world started, the Mahenjo-Daro and Harappa, which was laid along the Indus valley gave so many evidences about the existence of this religion. The archeologists have found the three-faced god on the Indus seal is similar to the god Siva that is very foremost in Hinduism until today (Finegan 49). They also found some metal sculptures from the pre-Harappa era that show their worship to gods and goddess. Hinduism is an old religion and nobody is sure about when it exactly started, and it does not hold one specific person to be its founder. The long history of Hinduism in India makes it really rooted in India. Even Sharma states that if Hinduism is look like natural and very old, it is because of the age that may be older than civilization (36). The long history of Hinduism in India has been effecting its strength. Although there were
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