Cultural Impacts of the Civil Rights Act

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“Cultural Impacts of the Civil Rights Act”

Cultural Impacts of the Civil Rights Act Until the eighteenth century Civil Rights and Liberty’s were taken advantage of as a American. Observation in our judicial system cited within the paper suggest that our civil rights in America has improved and continue to evolve to this day. Cultural Impacts of American Civil Rights laws In recent years, a great deal has gone into fair treatment of all. As history serves, there was a great civil rights activist that fought for fair treatment of all, one man in particular goes by the name of Martin Luther king jr. The implications of our culturally induced melting pot of a nation proceeded with immense struggles that carry
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This doesn 't always happen in all cases as it should. In march 2006 a Queens Midtown Tunnel employee by the name of Gregory fisherman filed a compliant against his boss. He complained because his boss denied him of promotion and penalized him for taking sick days because he is Jewish(Lawsuit financial corp,2009). He proved his case by hearing his supervisor use a curse word before they called him a jew which was his basis for claim. By getting that 51% of the jury to believe Mr. Fisherman, he was awarded $735,000. In another case, a restaurant called Sorrano’s Mexican Restaurant was sued in 2002 by Terra Neave(manager)for not accommodating to religious belief. She led a bible study after work and two of her subordinates attended. According to company policy manager are not suppose to socialize with subordinates,to prevent sexual harassment. The company offered to transfer her to another location, she refused and continued to lead bible study with her subordinates. With this type of substantial evidence she lost the case. In these two cases our rights were upheld and justice was served according to our civil rights laws(Luci Scott, Jan 2009). Pregnancy discrimination according to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is “discrimination involves treating a woman unfavorably because she is pregnant,child birth, or medical condition related to pregnancy or child birth”. In 2009 there
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