Cultural Imperialism And Iranian Art

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Cultural Hegemony and Iranian Art (Iranian Art as Political Discourse) The following paper will be an evaluation of Iranian artist and the role they play as women living in exile. The paper will discuss how art becomes a type of political discourse against patriarchal governments. To do this I will look at the work of Parastou Forohaur an Iranian artist whose parents were killed when she was young because they were political activist fighting to defend the rights of all people women and men included. In the paper I will use various sources and terms that have been discussed throughout the semester in a short literature review. Shirin Neshat will also be discussed and the role that she plays in created fragmented narratives that help women feel empowered in their lives in Iran. As a member of the artistic community something that has always bothered me is the usage of specific pronouns during artistic compliments. What do I mean by pronouns do you ask? I am talking about gender pronouns of course, specifically “girl, female, and lady.” Something that often occurs in art is statements like the following, which I addressed earlier in the proposal for this project: “she is a good girl drummer,” or “she is a great female guitarist.” Why do these superficial compliments exist? This paper will address that the importance of pointing out these issues to thus be able to display these women’s resilience along the way. These women have a very interesting role in that they create a
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