Cultural Imperialism In Africa

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For centuries, powerhouses of the world have been dividing and conquering the lands of “the other.” These imperialistic powers unearth the roots of the conquered lands and utilize the resources for their own capitalistic benefit; however, the effects of imperialism extend deeper than just taking advantage of the soil. There is the physical subjugation of the land and the indigenous bodies that inhabit it, but there is also a much more sinister method of conquering: cultural imperialism. Through the systematic replacement of the original culture, the people of the conquered land lose their sense of place in the world, thus imprisoning them in a cycle that seeps into the coming generations like slow poison. This is exactly what Tayeb Salih is…show more content…
More often than not, “modern” societies, such as America and Britain, create this false image of what is referred to as underdeveloped countries, specifically in the east. This image, in essence, is a clear cut view that is perpetuated to further feed into an overarching ideology, thus dehumanizing an entire population. The effects of this ideology can be seen in day to day interactions, even when it comes to intimate relations. A clear example of this is represented through Mustafa Sa’eed and his experiences as a student in Britain. He plays into the common stereotypes that are maintained in western societies regarding Afro-Arab men, which allows him to lay in bed with multiple women. In one particular moment of the novel, Mustafa describes the conversation that he had with a woman from the United Kingdom. He uses his charms by honing into her already implemented view of Afro-Arab men and telling her that he “is like Othello” and that he lived so close to the Nile that every night he was able to stroke the waters before sleeping (33). It is evident that the woman was pleased by his exoticness so he continued to seek her favor until he achieved his goal. In doing so, it can be said that he is challenging the concept of orientalism through the usage of the stereotypes
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