Cultural Implications Of Godzilla Film Analysis

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Over the years, the television and the entertainment it brings along has been one of man’s many inventions which has embellished living rooms around the world. As the television, advanced in luminosity, resolution and clarity, so has the want for its presence increased in people’s lives. Programming on the big screen has brought laughter, tears, terror and even education to the modern world. One of such terror, is the fascination with evil, bloodshed and portrayal of doom on the big screen. It is even more fascinating to realize that some people want more, and more of these gory and terrifying displayed imagery. One of such scary movies displayed on television, is that of a creature that looks more of a cross breed…show more content…
With only one choice left, an oxygen destroyer was initiated for the destruction of Godzilla. The device was unloaded on Godzilla which cut off his air supply bringing about his death. It was warned that Godzilla will return if nuclear weapons testing continues. Comparatively, in the 2014 Godzilla movie directed by Gareth Edwards , a US navy officer returns from a tour and was asked to head to Japan after Joe was detained for going against the Janjira quarantine zone. While in detention, Joe was determined to find out what caused the Janjira zone to meltdown. During his meeting with Ford at the facility, there was a power outage. To their amazement, a huge monstrous creature emerges from the sea and begins to destroy the facility. The devastation left behind was simply written off as an earthquake. While the situation was being analyzed, it was being said that a 1954 deep sea expedition must have resulted in the appearance of Godzilla. The hunt for Godzilla began with the purpose to lure him to MUTOs so Godzilla could fight them. Several plans were made to destroy Godzilla and MUTOs with nuclear weapons in the deep sea. A battle soon breaks out between Godzilla and MUTOs leaving a trail of destruction behind in San Francisco. Godzilla finally defeats the MUTOs and slums to the ground from exhaustion leaving many thinking he was dead. To their surprise, he rises, roars and roars and heads back to sea.

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