Cultural Influences Of A Brazilian Business Environment Essay

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Economic development is defined by the ability to succeed internationally. It is important to understand the dynamic role that culture plays in this development as well as in a business setting. This can be done by realizing that every society has its own set of cultural themes or attributes. These themes have a substantial impact on how that culture does business. Upon doing business cross-culturally a strong management structure is essential. Cross-cultural management is the ability to have successful interactions between clients, customers, suppliers, etc. across cultures and around the world. This management style is important to understand because the work behaviors within this style directly affect the organizations’ successful international ventures and projects. This is why understanding organizational culture in Brazil is the main focus of being successful there.
In the scope of my analysis for the cultural influences in a Brazilian business environment, it is important to keep in mind the major areas in which Brazil relies on for most of their business culture. Some of these attributes are building relationships, understanding the high power distance and high in-group collectivism, their values, their motivations, and how they would describe being satisfied with their jobs. First of all, in relation to building relationships, Nancy Adler (2008) talks about the heavy reliance on effective communication during business interactions in the book
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