Cultural Influences Of The Philippines

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The Cultural Influences of the Philippines
SSG Thurber, Michael J.
ALC Class: 002-16


In a few hundred years, traditional Filipino Culture has changed. It went from developed tribes to a more modern day society. In this essay we will be discussing the unique culture of the Philippines and the causes of that culture. Such as, the regional location, growth in population, military conflicts, before and after the Spanish colonization, the Spanish-American War, the presence of the United States Military in the region during WWII, and numerous other influences on today’s culture throughout the Philippines.
Culture is a derivative of traditions and beliefs instilled in people overtime that contribute to certain way of life. There are five major characteristics that make up a culture, such as customs, religion, traditions, values, and ideas. All five characteristics play a major role in Philippines culture. One being values, they value family and their position within the community. Family values are also a common cultural characteristic within the region. Though, it’s the only commonality with other countries in that area of the world. Due to the Philippines religious majority being Catholic, while most other countries in Southeast Asia are predominately Muslim.
The Philippines are a tropical island nation, divided into three groups of islands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, consisting of 7,107 islands. With only around 2,000 being…
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