Cultural Influences On Consumer Behavior

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Executive Summary

Demographic Subcultures
Consumers identify with many groups that share common characteristics and identities. These groups that exist within a society are subcultures, and affiliation with them often gives marketers a valuable clue about individuals’ consumption decisions. An important part of the identity of these subcultures is clothing. Consumers’ feelings about their overall economic prospects, as well as the state of mind consumers have about their own personal situation, otherwise known as consumer confidence, helps to determine whether they will save their money, purchase goods and services, or take on debt.

Cultural Influences on Consumer Behavior
Because a consumer’s culture exerts such a big influence on his or her lifestyle choices, marketers must learn as much as possible about differences in cultural norms and preferences when marketing in more than one country. Consumers around the world have eagerly adopted American products. In other cases, consumers are integrating Western products with existing cultural practices. Fashion in our postmodern society blends looks from around the world and breaks conventional rules.

Individual Consumer Dynamics
Identifying consumer motives is an important step in ensuring that a product will meet the appropriate needs. Underlying values often drive consumer motivations. Products are instrumental in helping a person achieve a goal that is linked to a general value. People often purchase a service or…
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