Cultural Influences Throughout My Life Making Me The Person I Am Today

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There have been several cultural influences throughout my life making me the person I am today. Many are from my childhood such as stories, movies, music, my studies, religion, and clubs. However, other experiences from maturing have also helped improve my character and attitude. These began to influence my beliefs starting with my childhood and remain with me today.
As a child, I was surrounded by relatives with a strong Catholic foundation, and this religion was followed faithfully by my grandparents. Although I was not brought up Catholic by my parents, I was taken to church on Sundays. Most of the time we attended Methodist churches as this was accepted by my grandparents as their grandchildren were being taught Christianity. As an adult, I pulled away from mainstream religion and do not attend church on a regular basis. This does not mean that I am an atheist; I believe there is a higher power of some sort. I also believe that the Bible has too many interpretations. It is confusing that one book can be perceived differently by several different Christian groups and with many disagreeing on the meaning. On the other hand, I believe in the human race and feel everyone should be treated the same. I realize this does not happen often as we are taught stereotypes throughout our childhood and this stays with us throughout our lives. I am of course human and work to make my life positive as well as make each day better than the last. Some may say I am fooling…
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