Cultural Intelligence And Its Impact On Culture

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Today corporations have turned global. So it is very important that employees and top management both understand the cultural intelligence so they can execute the effective leadership and management tactics. Cultural intelligence provides an opportunity to understand and effectively function across the different cultures (Dyne, Ang & Livermore, 2009). For any leader to work efficiently and effectively in different culture environment it is very important to have cultural knowledge and adaptability. To work in different culture it is necessary to have knowledge of norms, habits , and behaviors in the underlying culture so leaders can use it in favor of business. A leader should also understand the difference between his home country…show more content…
Any employee or leader working in foreign cultural environment should understand how the culture influence the business and the problem solving techniques of that culture to avoid the failure.
Background of Roaring Dragon Hotel Case
Roaring Dragon Hotel was a three star state owned enterprise (SOE) in south-west China. The hotel staffing included the employees who transferred from other SOEs who considered working in Roaring Dragon Hotel prestigious and had some guanxi or connections. The overall organizational culture was relaxed (Grainger, 2003). The actual management practices of Roaring Dragon Hotel was conventional, with least concern for the development or expansion of the hotel 's business. The provincial government was concerned with the under utilization of the hotel resources so started looking for modernization. The Hotel International (HI) was selected for revamping of the Roaring Dragon Hotel (Grainger, 2003). Paul Fortune from England was appointed as the general manager for this transition process of the Roaring Dragon Hotel. As his revamping efforts it was decided to demolish the old section of the hotel and replace it with five star wing. A massive employee training program was conducted to meet the world class standards. This training program was followed by employee retrenchment program. After the modernization
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