Cultural Intelligence Assessment

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I was born in China and moved to the United States when I was five. When I moved to the United States, I relocated around the Midwest before settling in Wisconsin for high school and middle school. Looking at the Cultural Intelligence assessment, I think I generally am strong in the Physical and Emotional/Motivation CQ. I generally do not tend to think about how I would approach or interact with individuals from a different cultures, resulting in a lower Cognitive CQ. Rather, I generally tend well to mirror individual’s physical gestures and body language as well as adapting to a lifestyle in a different culture. I think coming from a culture where individualism takes a back seat to conformity, moving to the United States was challenging. Furthermore,…show more content…
Like learning a language as a child, learning the mannerisms and cultural norms in a different country was not difficult. Because my parents did not adjust well to this cultural change since they were adults before moving to the United States, I had essentially two cultural worlds with their own norms in which I have navigate back and forth dependent on the context, much like how bilingual individuals have the ability to move back and forth in terms of languages. I think my best strength in terms of cultural intelligence is the ability to deal with individuals from a different culture - due to the fact I often deal with my parents and I was also one of those individuals…show more content…
I think the cultural norms from where I was born and where I grew up are amplified when I go to a restaraunt. If an individual born in the United States went to a restaurant in Chinatown, they would be offended by the level of service. They would also be offended by the attitude of the server, the spacing of the tables, and the insistence of the server to give a tip. In the Chinese culture, restaurants that are not high class or ridiculously expensive aim to give the customer food. Other concerns, like customer service, are nonexistent. This often offends and confuses friends with me who are not used to this attitude and cultural norm. To help my friends understand this attitude, I attempt to explain that in the most restaraunts in China, the main purpose is to just serve food. The dining experience is primarily confused on food as opposed to the atmosphere or ambiance, which are emphasized much more in western cultures. In new and unfamiliar situations, I would try to achieve confidence by being very non controversial. I would ask the individual questions that would allow me to scope out cultural norms and mirror gestures so they would feel more comfortable with me as an outsider. The biggest weaknesses for me is in cognitive cultural intelligence - I definitely do not plan my interactions or how I would relate to individuals in a difference culture. I would rather just mirror their interactions and gestures
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