Cultural Intelligence

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Cultural Intelligence


1. Introduction: Culture and Intelligence Defined 3
2. The concept of cultural intelligence 7
3. The effect of Globalisation on CQ 8
4. Aspects of Cultural Intelligence 10
5. Developing and Enhancing Cultural Intelligence 12
6. Profiles of Cultural Intelligence 14
7. Business benefits of Cultural Intelligence 16
8. Conclusion 18
9. References 19

1. Introduction: Culture and Intelligence Defined

"Managing and leading people, with various cultural backgrounds, require "cultural intelligence", which in a global setting is a management challenge in the new millennium".

All individuals have something psychologists call "personality" which is made up of traits,
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In order to achieve the vision of Eskom, all employees will have to pull together and socialise to gain an understanding of the organisational culture.

A major challenge for today's global leaders and organisations is culture. Because of globalisation, there are a growing number of international organisations with increased awareness of cross-cultural situations. Tavanti (2005: 7) further states that in the ever-changing work environment and global society, the development of cross-culturally competent leaders will be an essential challenge for effective leadership practises.

Leaders are, or should be, intelligent people (Tavanti, 2005: 12). There are various types of intelligence and leadership intelligence comprises cognitive, emotional, spiritual and cultural intelligence. Figure 3 below illustrates the concept of intelligent leadership.

Figure 3: Intelligent Leadership (Tavanti, 2005:12)

Note all of the real-life examples quoted in this assignment, are based on the authors own experiences in Eskom. It is an observation of the concept of cultural intelligence in practise within the organisation.

2. The concept of cultural intelligence

Managers are increasingly faced with the challenges of navigating through the various cultures of people employed within an organisation namely working with a multi-cultural workforce. As such managers need to be equipped to
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