Cultural Intelligence Of The United States And Italy

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Globalization has made it paramount for businesses and individuals that want to venture into a different country to have cultural intelligence of that country. Cultural intelligence is defined as capability to successfully adapt to new cultural environments and unfamiliar settings attributable to cultural context (Earley, Ang, and Tan 2006). Obtaining cultural knowledge allows business relationships to flourish, provides feasibility and sustainability for the business. It also shows cultural sensitivity, which is important when trying to win over locals of a specific area. The United States and Italy The United States and Italy are both advanced industrial countries, yet they differ in many areas including culture and how business is conducted. The United States has very little cultural influence on Italy; in fact it is the opposite. The element of diversity is deep within the United States that it has become a melting pot filled with an array of music, food, language, and many other customs that are not native. The relationship between the two countries has seen its adversity but they have created a strong bilateral relationship which aids in strengthening the economy of both countries. In the 2013 Italy-United States Summit then Ambassador David Thorne stated “Globalization is the disruptive force, in both a positive and negative sense, that is challenging both of our countries today and it is reshaping our traditional ways of thinking about the world.” As markets
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