Cultural Interactions between the British and the Native Characters

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In the novel, A passage to India, Forster tries to bring to light the cultural interactions between the native Indians and their colonialists the British. It considers if there may be a possibility of personal relationships between the natives the British so as to develop a mutual satisfaction. In this novel he, tries to consider if the natives can be able to connect with the British, and vice versa (Forster, 1979: 26). The novel explores the Anglo-Indian friendship, paying attention to describing the two societies that are to be found there; natives and the British. Throughout Forster’s novel, he explores thoroughly in the barriers existing of inter-racial friendship. It shows how different cultures that are forced to intermix, find …show more content…
In the conversation they have, they dedicate a great deal to the topic of politics. Fielding has the opinion that when the British eventually withdraw from India, the natives will decline, mocking Aziz. Aziz points out; they only tolerated the British in their nation because of political reasons. He is furious against the British colonizing their land and blurters out how Indians [including himself] hate the British more than they hate each other. He hoped for a revolution even if it came after a period of 500 years that will get rid of the British, driving them to the sea. He half kisses Fielding and promises him that they will be friends but it was to be after India gains independence and becomes free from the British. The present circumstances do not allow them to be friends because o9f their cultural; differences (Forster, 1979: 315,316).
The cultures of the two nations clash, the problem of integration between the natives and the colonialists and racism towards the natives by the British is evident. The novel shows the existence of misunderstandings and misinterpretations between the natives and the British. There are some things about the customs of the Indians that the British were not able to understand. Aziz proposes outing to some of his British acquaintances actually having no intent of taking them out, something that
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