Cultural Issues In The Melting Pot

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It is absolutely necessary that the people of this nation grasp the cultural, ethnic and religious differences of the people that make up this nation and of the surrounding nations. America since 1908 has been called The Melting Pot, a place where people from diverse backgrounds can come and experience freedom. Long before Israel Zangwill coined the term Melting Pot, America has been a safe haven for immigrants even as early as the 1600’s up until the present time. With all of the various cultures that have come into America and continue to come, there must be an understanding of each other and respect, without those two key things in place there will not be peace. When you you see something totally different to you and do not understand it most people respond in fear, fear leads to misjudgement and spreading fallacies about that which is different from you. Their is no room for mutual respect when fear is in the way. Fear is at the root of all racism. Just look at how in Ancient times when Hebrews were slaves to the Egyptians, Pharaoh ordered every firstborn be killed and thrown into the Nile. He worried that the Hebrews would become too many and try to revolt. Because of his judgement many had to die. As a nation we must move past these pre passed judgements to see the culture and the people that made that culture. The ultimate solution to solving conflict early on is to prevent racism and misunderstandings within cultures and social groups is to have an understanding of
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