Cultural Issues Of A Company And The Team Of The Right Direction

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Introduction After being here for just a couple weeks now, it is clear there are many things needed to address to help move the company and the team in the right direction. It is clear there are cultural issues we need to address to make fair to everyone on board. We have many staffing needs, recruitment is a high priority, and training courses to manage. Along with training we will need to make sure everyone is equipped the tools needed to complete their jobs every day. This can include coaching from supervisors and performance reviews. Complying with State and Federal guidelines are also a huge issue. We will clear up any confusion there may be, and readdress how we can make this a smoother process. Also motivation and safety go hand in hand, there are many thing we can do to get back on the right track.
Cultural Issues Upon speaking with the team and evaluating all of the employees, it appears there are some cultural issues we need to address as soon as possible. Developing results with the ability to understand and effectively interact with employees from many cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, strengths and variations we need to address four very large issues: Communication, Team-building, Calendars, and Motivation. Communication is key to all of these steps, which is why it is most important. Ethical communication enhances human worth and dignity by fostering truthfulness, fairness, responsibility, personal integrity, and respect for self and other (The McGraw-Hill…
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