Cultural Leadership Strategies

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Strategies and applications of the dynamic cultural leadership models and the omnibus leadership model Introduction With the rapid changes in a health care system around the world, healthcare organizations need to develop strategies that will help the organization to sustain with any difficulties that may arise. Healthcare systems expand their cultural leadership strategies in order to gain a thorough understanding of situations (Johnson, 2009) that will effectively improve their operations in community. Healthcare organizations use both the dynamic culture leadership (DCL) and the omnibus leadership as a model for implementation and a strategy for their success (Johnson, 2009). This paper will compare and contrast the…show more content…
However, the omnibus leadership model proposes that the same education in a healthcare system allows employees to obtain significant skills and experienced for patient care (Ledlow & Coppola, 2010). According to the dynamic culture leadership model, healthcare organizations will support services that is convenient to the community they serve. This will provide the system with an opportunity to grow. On the contrary, in the omnibus leadership model, the health care facilities need to establish organizations that administer services that can help the community in which they operates (Ongori & Shunda, 2008). With the current healthcare reform, all organizations around the globe are aiming to redesign their operations. Healthcare systems, that use the omnibus leadership model, need to function in an environment in which the needs of society will have a positive reaction. Nevertheless, the dynamic culture leadership model argues that healthcare organizations need to always work in ways that they can definitely give services that the society can use (Kennedy et al., 2011). Healthcare systems are in needs of future leaders, cultivating high-potential employees should be the priority of any organization. With the omnibus leadership model, healthcare facilities need to develop and identified high-potential employees as early as possible. This can be done by improving or developing
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