Cultural Management Issues in the Tourism Industry

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Table of Contents Introduction Cross Cultural theorists Discussion/Analysis Conclusions Recommendations References Appendices Introduction In this briefing new employee human resources, we will be considering cultural management issues in the tourist industry and how they impact upon our business. Our company, Beach Bum Ltd is a travel consultancy Agency which was recently hired to provide a critical analysis on whether or not sustainable tours can attract American ecological tourists to travel to countries such as our current target, China. We are a culturally eclectic group of advisors specialising in all aspects of tourism. Cultural sensitivity is not only our watchword, but our bottom line. Please do not feel overwhelmed by all of this information. Some of you may feel as though you are back in college. Rest assured, the difference between profit and bankruptcy in our business is the ability to sell in that person's culture. People like to feel important and an acknowledgement of their importance is not just being nice. It is also good business sense. There are a number of ways to look at other people's cultures. We will consider several to give you a variety of approaches to understanding and appreciating other cultures from various parts of the globe. We will be focusing at promoting our British-based business to the largest country and market in the world-China, as well as promoting tourism in the other direction. As tour guides, it will necessary for you to
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