Cultural Mirror And Hidden Intent

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¬ Comics : Cultural Mirror and Hidden Intent
Cul¬tural texts are objects, actions, and behav¬iors that reveal cul¬tural mean¬ings. An entire space, peo¬ple and their inter¬ac¬tions, the rit¬u¬als, norms and the var¬i¬ous forms in which they man¬i¬fest are “read¬able” texts, suit¬able for obser¬va¬tion and analy¬sis. Especially when talking about culture and what is signified. One such example for cultural text are graphical novels called comic books. From time and again it is seen that comic books are not just widely popular and mass produced, but they project Karl Marx’s theory on “texts”. “To understand or explain a text or practice it must always be situated in its historical
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was dominated by Jewish artists and writers who, knowing their brethren in Europe were being targeted by the Nazis, felt helpless. They wanted America to join the Allied Forces and go to war, but couldn’t do much about the US policy of non-interference at the time. Hence, Captain America came into existence. Steven had been born on July 4, 1922 in the lower east side of Manhattan to poor Irish immigrant parents. He was an orphan by the time he was in his teens and, disturbed by the rise of the Nazi party, desperate to fight against them. His repeated attempts to enlist in the army, however, were rejected because he couldn’t pass the physical. Steve’s persistence, however, paid off when he was selected to be a test subject for a super-soldier project – where a special serum created by a Professor Reinstein would instantly and permanently turn him into a stronger and faster soldier codenamed Captain America. Every superhero needs an evil to fight, and for Joe Simon, that evil was Adolf Hitler. And in the very first issue of Captain America dated March 1941 – 9 months before America joined WWII – we see Steve punching the Nazi leader. This verse shows the propaganda angle in the Captain America Comics. Not just that, the costume shows Rogers wearing the stars and stripes not just as his uniform, but also on his shield, which he uses not just for defense, but also as an effective weapon. Literally, it symbolizes what happens when America throws its might at the
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