Cultural Misconceptions

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Thomas Lane
English 1001
Cultural misconceptions

Many cultures are often misunderstood by the rest of society. This lack of understanding by society at large of specific cultures often leads to misconceptions about a given society. These generalizations apply to all types of cultures and they also apply to societies understanding of the Hyphy movement. The Hyphy movement is a culture with many aspects yet there are many misunderstandings regarding this culture that have been used to crack down on Hyphy behavior. Like generalizations and stereotypes of other cultures, the misunderstandings about Hyphy culture are not completely unfounded, but are exaggerated. As a person surrounded by and participating in the hyphy movement I
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There is hyphy dress so someone might be inspired to open a clothing store or start designing clothing; there are even hyphy energy drinks. The hyphy movement is culture, more importantly it is youth culture and while many of its customs are rooted in traditional African American culture it is not ethnically exclusive. It is something that is primarily designed as a means of expression for people aged 16-30 but often has followers outside of those demographics( my brothers only 14 and he's Hyphy and the leading musician of the Hyphy movement is near 40). Hyphy culture covers many aspects of life including familial relations to celebrations and even language. In the hyphy movement family has a looser definition than what society at large would consider family. Many of the followers of the hyphy movement were born or raised during Americas crack epidemic and as a result hyphy is more inclusive of blended families and informal adoption like a friend of the family living with the immediate family and being introduced as a brother. Also, in the hyphy movement many males address each other as "cuz" which is slang for cousin. Hyphy celebrations include dancing and music much like other cultures but the ways in which people celebrate are much different. One major difference in hyphy celebrations is that no special occasion is needed to celebrate. These spontaneous celebrations often take the shape of sideshows, "a huge gathering that
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