Cultural Model Essay : My Family

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Cultural Model Essay My family history is rather unclear and unexplored. I do know that my maternal grandmother was adopted. My paternal side is said to be Italian. I come from an English speaking family. The geographic range is also unexplored and limited to western Pennsylvania. I grew up in the small town of Nolo, Pennsylvania. I can recall moving from one house to another but within the same county. I did change school districts one time. I would consider this to be very stable. Currently, I reside in Indiana county where I grew up. I have been married for six years and have a two year old son that will soon be a big brother. My wife and I built a home within the same geographical location as our parents. My spouse was also raised in a stable nuclear style family structure. I value both independence and interdependence. I believe it is very healthy to create a balance between the two. My wife and I are independent with our financial responsibilities. However, when it comes to aiding in a family project we are eager to participate and likewise. Having a two year old places my spouse and I in the muck of things when it comes to our discipline approaches. I would have to say that we practice an egalitarian or democratic parenting style with our discipline approaches. We attempt to give our son the opportunity to make choices with this actions. The rewards and consequences are clearly explained to the best of our abilities. However, given certain
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