Cultural Norms, Language, And Personal Identity Essay

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I have chosen the video on food, Would You Eat It? 10 Weird Foods We Dare You To Try, to make connections between cultural norms, language, and personal identity. There are many cultural norms and values presented in the video, and it is interesting to be able to compare them to my cultural norms and values. Culture is what makes everyone different. Through enculturation we learn our norms and values through this process at a very young age. With culture, we have comfort and meaning for life. There are many cultures around the world have very different norms and values, as seen within this YouTube video. When the video first started I was caught off guard when I heard “10 most disgusting delicacies in the world” (TheRichest, 2015). It was shocking to hear the word disgusting, because everyone in the world has different taste buds and enjoys different things that others do not. Something disgusting may be delicious to another culture. Since we are grown up eating certain foods, we are accustomed to that taste and style, so cultures are use to their traditions and style of eating. Through out the video we hear ten disgusting foods that are from all over the world. There are so many cultures across the world and it was interesting to see so many and their norms and values they grew up with. The delicacies seen in the video are sometimes beliefs and symbols for cultures. They are norms, which are normal for them, and may come across strange to other cultures, but are meaningful
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