Cultural Observation

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Cultural Observation Project 1

Date: September 10, 2012

Youth 201-Section # B06
I walked into River Crossing Mall to observe the youth of today. As I entered the mall, my first thought was that watching young people surely could not generate an entire four-page report. You see, I have never taken an interest in watching people that I did not have any direct contact with. I took the escalator down to the first level and I ordered some Chinese food and a diet coke. I found an empty table and proceeded to let the observation begin. Much to my surprise, I began to pay close attention to a group of very young white kids at a table about three rows up from where I was sitting. The first thing I noticed about them is
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Of all that I noticed tonight, no other kinds in particular stood out in the crowd. Once I finished up my meal I left the mall. While driving home, I thought about how all those kids appeared to be starving for attention and they all were going about it in the wrong way. I was left with an overwhelming sense of sadness. They were all lost and they had no idea.


It is a very rainy night tonight and I am immediately aware that they rain had not stopped the flow of people within the mall. There are people continually walking in with raincoats and umbrellas dripping. As I look around, I realize that the three groups I observed last week are probably not here tonight. I honestly thing I would recognize them due to how much they stood out to me on my last visit. It did not take long before I was with the same sense of sadness I experienced last Saturday. All of the young kinds and some of the adults gave me the impression of a desire for attention. Everyone wanted to be noticed in some way, which was obvious, by the clothes and accessories they all wore. I even saw a few mothers whose clothing was not any different from their teenage daughters. The girls I see this evening are young teens who are wearing too much makeup trying to be seen by the young boys who are wearing expensive sneakers and saggy pants. A few of the young girls I see are young mothers pushing baby strollers and conversing
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