Cultural Observation Report About Face Shop

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I went to The Face Shop located inside of H-mart in Niles for my cultural observation project. I do not shop at H-mart frequently because it is too far from where I live. However, whenever I do shop at H-mart, I remember to stop by my favorite Korean cosmetics store, The Face Shop. From outside, the establishment resembles a typical Korean cosmetic retail store. Bright, soft lightings, special sale items by the storefront, shelves on the walls displaying neatly stocked skin care items, makeup stations with a wide selection of colorful makeup products, posters of beautiful Korean celebrities, and young women employees. During my observation, I saw some interesting things that it is not so apparent with American cosmetics retail…show more content…
I would attempt to answer why does Korean cosmetics industry look and operate differently from the Western cosmetics industry.

Result Analysis History of Korean cosmetics dates back to the era of three kingdoms Silla, Goguryeo, and Baekje (BC 37-668), and after the unification of the three kingdoms, Goryeo (918-1392) was established. It is suggested that Goryeo was the first country in Korean history to popularized use of makeup as well as the development of application techniques (Yoon, 2017). Improved skills learned from China to manufacture mirrors increased the popularity of makeup culture during Goryeo era (Yoon, 2017). Colorful and exotic makeup trend of Goryeo influenced by Buddhism changed as Joseon dynasty (1392-1910) emerged. Joseon revered simpler makeup culture where inner beauty was more important than outer beauty, an ideology reflected from Confucianism (Yoon, 2017). Natural looking makeup culture of Joseon paved the path of a new kind of makeup culture, skin care. It is no surprise that Korean people continue to cherish the skin care regiments today as women of Joseon did hundreds of years ago. When we look into the evolution of Korean cosmetics, it is inevitable that changes occur with cultural and economic shifts and it will continue to reshape and reinvent, as cultural perspective would change. Korean cosmetics came a long way from the ancient cosmetic goods that were made with simple, locally available
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