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Cultural Considerations
Cultural diversity is normal in society today. People come from different races, cultures, and backgrounds. People have to learn the importance of respecting the culture of others. Everyone can learn from others. Superiority does not exist because of an individual’s culture. Some people from different cultural backgrounds believe that he or she is better than others but this is an untruth.
Cultural concerns can have a negative influence on justice and security administration. Stereotyping because of an individual’s culture is a problem in society. Good people exist in every race and so do not so good people. One person of a specific culture making a mistake does not mean that the entire culture of people will make
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The community needs to believe that he or she can trust police officers.
When people believe that he or she is being treated fairly he or she is more likely not to cooperate. The police need the help of the community and the community needs the police to protect him or her. The community and the police need to support each other and learn to develop a positive rapport. In many communities the police are thought of as the enemy. This needs to change for the police officer and other law enforcement agencies to effectively do his or her job.
Sir Robert Peel could use the principles to organize a police department today. The mission of police is to protect and serve the public. If police gain the trust of the community it will make his or her job easier. Members of the community will provide helpful information to police officers who will keep the neighborhood safe. Gaining the trust of the public can be difficult, but it can be done.
Police officers should be visible in the community at all times and not just come out and talk people when a crime has been committed. The public will be less likely to help the police if he or she only speaks and is courteous when information is needed. Police should keep his or her personal opinions to themselves. If a member of the community tells the police that he or she does not have any information the police should be courteous and thank the person anyway.
The nine principles are guidelines to good policing.
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