Cultural Perceptions And Ideas Of Aesthetics

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On July 2015, a popular beauty Youtuber named NikkieTutorials shared a video about the “power of makeup.” She stood up to the makeup critics who claims that women only wearing it to impress men or hide their insecurities. In response, Nikkie decided to make one half of her face “full-on flame” and leave the other half “raw, unedited, nothing, me.” Since then, other women who have been inspired to share their love for makeup start posting similar photos of their own half made-up faces. Makeup is universal and it is used by women and men who want to look pretty all over the world. It is an enjoyment for them to become prettier instead of a thing they need to be shameful for. However, beauty is a reflection of cultural perceptions and ideas…show more content…
Creating shadows on the side of the nose and highlighting the bridge between the eyes can make their eyes look deeper. Korean makeup style is also popular in Eastern Asia. Instead of being intensive and dramatic, Korean makeup style is more subtle and natural. Fair and light skin is highly sought after. They prefer the blemish free and youthful look. Therefore, they use BB cream which is lighter more than powder or liquid foundation which is heavier. Many of them prepare their skin to look dewy and moist, almost like they just got out of the shower. It is also a trend to have a moist look on their skin which makes them look younger. Small and dainty lips are more preferred by Koreans. The gradient lip effect originated from Korean has become a new trend. For eyebrows, straight thick brows is a trend which gives the face a soft and youthful look. Neutral to sheer colored eyeshadow is applied for a natural effect. Eyeliner is sometimes angled downwards to create a sweet and innocent impression. What accentuates Korean eyes are the aegyosal. Aegyosal is the puffy layer of fat located right below your eyes starting from your tear duct. Koreans like to highlight their aegyosal with a white eye pencil or shimmer to fully bring it out. This can further make their eyes look bigger and create an innocent feeling. Their eyelashes also looks natural. For most of the time, an eyelash curler and mascara are enough. Korean
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