Cultural Perspectives On Cultural Diversity

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Cultural Vantage Point Cultural diversity has become a strength within the many communities the results of decades of fighting for equality for all Americans. However, over the last decade there has been a dramatic rise in conservative, religious, family values groups, that have become no better than the school yard bully we all avoided as children. Psychological theory of essentialism, play a major role in the psychological makeup of these conservative groups, shunning anything or anyone that they simply cannot understand. Essentialism, supports stereotype prejudice, psychologically embedding the thoughts and ideas of these prejudices engrained into the psyche of the individual, making these stereotype prejudice a core value (Bastian, & Haslam, 2006). “People essentialize emotion categories by assuming that members of the same category” behave in the same manner, fostering a prejudice against people (Lindquist, Gendron, Oosterwijk, & Barrett, 2013). The psychological phenomenon of essentialism has virtually halted progress, encouraging regression and causing division. Embracing Diversity Bridging gaps has been an easier road for some groups over the decades, with nearly every culture suffering a prejudice, that needed to be addressed to overcome bigotry. White men have been the one group that did not suffer from prejudice, until recently; as they for the first time they are dealing with affirmative action bumping them down the list for positions in order to
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