Cultural Practices between Men and Women in Nigeria

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INTRODUCTION Creative Media Industries are swiftly shifting its focus to solely digital media and opportunities for creative writers are paid no attention but a Canada-based Nigerian scholar at the thirty first yearly covention of the Association of Nigerian Authors, points out that “writers are the world’s window into a culture” Adesanmi (2013). Novelists, biographers, historians, scriptwriters, and more recently, bloggers are the constant that record and catalogue the culture, norms and trends of a particular period or people. Through creative writing the culture of a group of people is revealed and documented. This project is a collection of fictional short stories, it is titled Cold Heart and Other Stories. The theme of these…show more content…
People’s lives and cultures are made up of coinciding stories, and the monolithic impression of Nigerian women in literature still needs to be challenged. LITERATURE REVIEW/CRITICAL UNDERPINNING In Nigeria, men expect and demand respect, cultural practices show that the major roles of women is to submit to their men, raise the children and feed them. From the precolonial period to present time, women’s roles have advanced but the Nigeria has always been a patriachial society, “the concept of ‘patriachy’ is crucial…because feminism needed a term by which the totality of oppressive and exploitative relations which affect women could be expressed” (Humm 2003:200). Colonialism ushered education and with time, women were allowed to be educated and became exposed and aware of their rights but: “…women’s rights and women’s being have always been taken for granted, nicely and safely tucked away under the bed of patriarchy. Silence was the virtue of women and passivity their garner, but it was not always so. Traditional societies in pre-colonial times had spheres of power and influence for women in closely-knit organizations that helped them maintain a
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