Cultural Profile With Mexican And Asian Cultures

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My cultural profile is black, or African-American to pull in the ancestral heritage. Black culture has given more than afros’, cool dance moves, and music to the world. Unfortunately, the media and mainstream continue to highlight this with generalizations and stereotypes. Black culture has values, traditions, and unique communication styles that have developed the platform for other cultures, such as Mexican and Asian culture, despite our differences. Understanding my cultural profile has allowed me to proudly identify myself as a Black woman in America.
My cultural profile with Mexican and Asian cultures shares similarities. We have fought and still are fighting for equality, respect, and political standpoints that support our culture beliefs. According to “Ali & the black struggles of the 1960s” slavery was abolished the Jim Crow system created a new way to continue racism (Social Today). Jim Crow segregated blacks from whites and tried to establish social norms. For example, black men were not allowed to make eye contact with women (Social Today). In the 1960s, the Civil Right Movement created a whole new identity for black across the America. Blacks from all over has joined together and peacefully fought the system of oppression and racism (Social Today). We started to define ourselves as “Black is Beautiful” (Social Today). Prominent leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela took their practices from Gandhi to eliminate the generalization that black…
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