Cultural Proximity And Cultural Distance

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Cultural Proximity and Cultural Distance As Japanese economy soared, its media products such as manga, TV shows, movies and music spread out across Asia. Especially, the young people in Asia began to embrace Japanese culture rather than the culture from the most dominant culture exporter- the United State, and this phenomenon was analyzed by Koichi Iwabuchi in his Feel Asian Modernities. His account of this intra-regionalization in Asia is cultural proximity that Japanese culture shares intimate similarities with other Asian countries and appeal to the audience to perceive this cultural flow.[ Iwabuchi, K(2004), Introduction: Cultural globalization and Asian media connections. Feeling Asian Modernities, pp 12.] In this way, American…show more content…
For example, fans from other countries traveled to Japan to see and experience the music, food, urban lifestyle, fashion and other key attractions by themselves.[ Iwabuchi, K(2004), Feeling Asian Modernities, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. pp 12.] However, not all of Japanese values were accepted by the other countries’ audience, and then Iwabuchi explains it with the concept of cultural distance in media practice. Singaporean women thought depiction of sexuality in the Japanese TV drama was unrealistic; Korean and Taiwanese people criticized the Japanese cultural flow into their countries as a cultural invasion.[ “Iwabuchi”,pp17] Therefore, the other Asian countries began producing their own TV drama on youth love affair and urban lifestyle for their way of representing Asian modernity and national identification. Japanese Manga, which are a significant part of Japanese media popular culture, not only appeal its audience across borders, but they are also remade and reformatted by other countries. One of the most famous and successful Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango, has been remade into four different versions of TV Drama successively by Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China. Although the main plot is based on the manga, each variety of media production is localized with its own distinctive elements to represent
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